The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls by John J. Pietrangelo is a hit!
Below find testimonials sent in by those who have expressed their enthusiasm for its story line and message of hope.

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is one of the most compelling and thought provoking books I’ve read in a long time. From the standpoint of considering this simply a novel, it is well researched, thought out, and the blending of past and present flows seamlessly without confusing the reader and serves to deepen and broaden the message woven throughout. However, in a world that I perceive as cultivating a deep discontent with all things spiritual, this work opens the door and offers a different path, a simpler path to understanding for those seeking knowledge and reunion with the Divine, provided one is compelled to perceive the work in this way. As a seeker of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom, and as one who has discarded, in my opinion, the politically motivated, controlling, man-made machinations of religion, I find the content and joyful spirit of this work truly amazing, enlightening and a balm for a damaged spirit.                                                                                                                                   CA Morgan, Author

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls creates the perfect environment for growth.  It is always beneficial to expand our minds and knowledge by exposure to new or different ways of looking at our place in the universe, which seems to manifest to us at a time or place when it is requisite, and when we are ready to absorb and process it.  It was a pleasure to read. The story-line was interesting. There is a thread running through it that coalesces into a mesmeric conclusion. I especially relished the author's use of language which was deliciously erudite. I applaud his hard work and dedication in bringing his convictions so astutely to life.                                             Eileen Christensen         

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls review by Editor for Green Valley News:  When a book needs a disclaimer - and you'll find this one on its website - you know it's going to raise a lot of dust, usually under the guise of fiction. But Green Valley author John Pietrangelo manages to touch on a lot of sensitive subjects without insulting anybody while sticking to an intriguing story line that keeps readers wanting more. Pietrangelo mixes faith, history, adventure, secrets and mostly the Catholic Church into a winding yet satisfying story. He deals with church secrets, twin brothers with different life journeys, and hidden scrolls pulled from the depths of the Vatican library. The disclaimer is that it's all fiction. The truth is that it'll push you into examining your own spiritual journey and wondering what, or who, you can ultimately believe. It's a good story, and while long, it's worth the investment.         Dan Shearer, Editor for the Green Valley News 

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is an incredible book full of history, blended well with a believable fictional family. The author does a wonderful job of weaving the scholar and political factions of the Vatican. Some parts kept me up reading at night. The heartwarming interaction between the twins throughout the book is a testament to the loving interaction of the family. I will read this again.                                                                                                                     Margaret Holmes, Amazon Reviewer

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is a terrific read!!! Very fascinating and relevant present day story woven into the historical backdrop of the esoteric teachings of Jesus, the formation of the Bible and the development of the Roman Catholic Church. I loved the spiritual adventure and unending devotion portrayed in the characters...truly the author has a fine understanding of spiritual principals along with the importance of self-discovery. I tried to read it slowly but could not put the book down and look forward to reading it again. I must express the feeling that comes over me when I read this story…I enter into a sense of holiness.  It’s very profound and I hope others have a similar experience if not something even greater. So glad the author's wife and daughter encouraged his efforts – Bravo!                                                                  Jeanette Walkley

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is like "The Da Vinci Code" for the seriously spiritual reader. Fascinating religious/spiritual historical research and thought-provoking perspectives spun within a tale of intrigue, abductions, betrayal and more.                                                                                                                             Amazon Review

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls arrived in the mail late Saturday afternoon. I started by perusing the Cover Notes and Introduction Pages. 167 pages later I went to bed. I was totally captivated! It’s a love story that speaks well of its author. The richness of Italian History, Art, Culture plus the wisdom and profound guidance comes together in a “tale well told”.                                                                                         Betty Linzmayer

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls has far exceeded my expectations, and presents very well researched arguments exposing the historic extermination of the esoteric Y’eshua, and replacing him with an exoteric Y’eshua, for the purpose of gaining power and wealth while exploiting and controlling the followers of Jesus. The book is written in a way that is so captivating, as the reader moves through the discovery process it is like watching a documentary. Restoring Christianity to the esoteric can heal the sickness of the human species. This book has an objective that is far greater than anything else I have read, ironically, including the Holy Bible. I am finding that it is written with the wisdom that will accomplish its objective.  I just said to my wife at lunch today as I was reading, "It is amazing how anyone could have written what John has put down on paper.                                                                              Richard Calabro                                                                                                                                                   
The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls...What a beautiful story; so true to life.   This is a book that belongs out in the world for those searching for a reason to live.  So many are longing for answers and direction and this gives them that way to go - showing them that going within is the only way.                                                            Joan Wilson   
In writing The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls, the author has penned a beautiful novel, complete with memorable characters and an intriguing plot woven with fascinating historical information. Here is a feast for the imagination and a potentially transformative journey for the soul.                                                            Paul Mergoliano

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is the most inspiring novel we have read on the subject for a long time. The author's ability to weave truth and fiction into each other is done to perfection.                                                               Robert and Anne Lynes

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is a moving narrative! Pietrangelo brings the reader through the rise and fall of religious and personal power and, through the delightful adventures of the D'Alessio brothers, we are taken on a timeless journey in spirit.                                                                                                               M. C. DeGain

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is intriguing, inspiring and heart-rending. A timely and relevant story reflecting complicated religious issues that cannot be ignored in today’s world: assaults on religious freedom, corruption in the church, and Islamic extremism. A history of violence among world religions is countered by hope found in ancient scrolls. A set of delightful characters balances the drama beautifully. Well done!                                                                                                                                   Susan Lent

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is a really good book. It is a mix of past, present and future prophecy that will make you re-think what you thought you knew about Jesus.                                                          Jennifer Copeland, First Design Reviewer
The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is a great read – I couldn’t put it down. Wonderful balance of fiction and historical fact. I loved the camaraderie the brothers brought to the story line. Nice to see family so beautifully portrayed.                Ken Zobel                                                                                      
The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is a fictional novel and yet a revelation. The story line, it's characters and the historical background information come together to produce a landmark work full of buoyancy and good feelings, along with a profound message of true spirituality.                                                                           Angelica Stone 

I have known John Pietrangelo for over 40 years and his continuing search for truth has materialized into The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls, a unique novel that will help seekers in their search for truth.                                                           Perez de la Rosa

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls...Finally, a book that takes a story past the point of spiritual discovery and revelation, delving into the practical application of hidden knowledge…and realization.                                                                     Gwenolyn Love