To all the Living Teachers of Righteousness

who have graced planet Earth throughout the long history of mankind’s sojourn here, but especially those who brave the storm in this modern era.

 Acknowledgments from the Author

​​Without the skills for editing and organization provided by my wife, Susan, and my daughter Terra, along with that special kind of prodding only they could have provided, this completed manuscript of my labor of love would have been near impossible. Many thanks for their support. An additional thanks to friends who reviewed my work and encouraged its completion. A special note of thanks to A. F. Lynes for her help with translating the French and Italian in the book and to Angelika Haeber for her help with translating the German. Also, a big thank you to Cynthia Roedig for her work of tying up all the loose ends and preparing the manuscript for the printer. I would be remiss if I didn’t give my wife additional kudos, being that her efforts in guiding me through the intense process of writing and putting the final touches to this novel have been invaluable.


About John J. Pietrangelo

The Call of Destiny:
Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is a novel written by John J. Pietrangelo.
Read below and get to know more about this talented author and how he came up with his story.

Author's Story​

John J. Pietrangelo is a college graduate with a Master's Degree in Educational 
Psychology. He has devoted more than fifty years of his life researching the         multifarious religions from across the globe. Through his studies, he has gained in-depth knowledge of the subjects of psychology, philosophy, history, music, a broad spectrum of metaphysical teachings... and beyond. He is now retired and resides in the State of Arizona. The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is his first attempt at writing a novel wherein he has placed the distillation of countless hours of study and contemplation.

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