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​Surprising revelations and insights await you as you delve into the pages of 
the The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls


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The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls

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                              A Novel by

             John J Pietrangelo

​Unravel a Great Mystery in the Pages of John J. Pietrangelo's Debut Novel
The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is a Spiritually Laden Metaphysical Novel that will Thrill You

       Each one of us has a secret. Some may be trivial and some

       may be dark. But what would you do if you discovered a secret that

       could change the course of humanity? Will you be brave enough to

       answer ​The Call of Destiny and uncover Secrets of the Lost Scrolls?


The Call of Destiny

Secrets of the Lost Scrolls

​       Our story begins with one humble woman who prays for a miracle; a blessing of a new birth, which is granted. This begins a series of events that will eventually fulfill a number of prophecies made in the past.                  Destiny finds twin brothers, one a priest and the other an archaeologist, unexpectedly thrown into the fray, facing the challenge given long ago to Repair My Church which is falling into ruin.

       The archaeologist provides invaluable support, uncovering historical evidence of deceit and corruption within the Church, while translating ancient scrolls discovered within the depths of the Vatican Library.

     The priest, overwhelmed by an unsought position of authority, negotiates through life threatening challenges at the hands of Islamic extremists, as well from within the power structure of the Church itself. He struggles with his own mortality, his spiritual priorities, and his responsibility to honestly and faithfully execute his duties. Simultaneously, he wrestles with reconciling his training as a priest with the findings within the scrolls, and revelations regarding Church history recently brought to light.
           Is transformation in the offing? Will those who have been given the Keys to the Kingdom continue doing business as usual? 
Or when all is said and done will the priest and the archaeologist triumph in the face of enormous odds? Will there be an epiphany wrought in the minds and hearts of humanity, leading to a spiritual renewal? 

The Call of Destiny

Secrets of The Lost Scrolls

        is a revised and expanded version of 


Discover how the resolve of the D'Alessio twins

challenges the truth that has been commonly

accepted for so long, with John J. Pietrangelo's

The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls.


About John J. Pietrangelo

In his compelling first novel entitled The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls,  John J. Pietrangelo explores religious, metaphysical, and spiritual concepts.
He combines the elements of a thriller, family dynamics, spirituality, and theology in telling the gripping story of the D'Alessio twins.
He has dedicated more than 50 years of his life researching and studying the numerous and varied religions of the world,
metaphysical teachings, and spiritual ideals within the great written works of the Ages.

The  story line of The Call of Destiny: Secrets of the Lost Scrolls is based on the early history and teachings of the Catholic Church juxtaposed against

the texts of the Gnostic Gospels, Biblical references, and other historical facts. The idea for the story began to be formulated

in the author's mind in the late 1980s and over the next 25 years he worked intermittently to bring his novel to life.

Now he is ready to share with you the key to a secret that may change the way you view the world.